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EL TOUR - We try to be the first.

Technology companies EL TOUR enable your business to be profitable and easy to work with us. Make your business clear and income. EL TOUR is the leader in sales and technology innovation in the service provided to the Portuguese, Spanish and Andorra tourist market.
You are focused on long-term cooperation and success, then we are happy to cooperate with you.

Our product EL SELLER
EL TOUR always open to productive cooperation with the managers of travel companies. For complete information, to work effectively with customers, the company EL TOUR provides access to on line booking in real time. EL TOUR business professional with full responsibility and assumes all of your client initially care of addresses in Portugal, Spain and Andoru. Providing high quality service.

Our product EL SUPPLIER
As a company reception of tourists in Portugal, Spain and Andorra in the first instance we are interested in a stable and long-term partnership with the hotel Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Russia. EL SELLER provides a direct sales channel on line your hotel for professional sellers of travel services in 10 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, and in the countries of the Euro Union. EL SUPPLIER guarantees sales through B2B on line. Free promotion and placement of the information and prices on your hotel website leading tour operators and tourist agencies .

The principle of the company EL TOUR
Innovation and technological development in the field of tourist services in Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Russia. Speed and increase sales through our simple technological solutions. Global and detailed development of tourism on the customer service.
Company values

1. Always win. Company EL TOUR is a team. We are not accustomed to losing. In the tourism business EL TOUR is always set to win. We work only for our success, and our partners.

2. Speed, movement time we do not stand still, we are accelerating the processes of travel time is converted into money. With our simple solutions based on modern technology, we are increasing our partners, the speed of customer service and thereby increase sales.

3. Quality. Company EL TOUR, was created precisely to provide our customers with high-quality tourist service. We can and love to do it. We believe our best investment is in the quality of.

4. Technology and Innovation of the 21st century world of technology and innovative business models and solutions. We understand that today's profitability and business development largely depends on the integration of technology in the usual workflow. In our company we invest in the development and implement a completely new innovation.

5. We & Partners. We operate in a smooth and friendly team. Our work is built on trust. In building partnerships, we are primarily interested in long-term productive cooperation based on trust. We become a team, where the principle of one, to win and to be the first with.

6. The team without which we can not live! The companies EL TOUR team are professional, talented professionals. Portuguese, Spanish and Russian are living and working as a family. Do not stand on the spot, just ahead, always be the best, modern, is the motto of our team!

7. Do not modest about yourself! about you! about us! What do you want from a partner? Honesty, Reliability, Integrity, Professionalism? This is the business model EL TOUR. We build strong and lasting relationships with our partners based on these theses.

How we work

EL Tour Your reliable partner in Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Russia. We offer you a new and modern technological solutions for mutually beneficial cooperation. Innovative solutions company EL Tour to optimize collaboration to maximize the number of sales and profit maximization.


It's simple! You become a partner of the company EL Tour, no matter where you tour operator or travel agent. The main thing that you have the opportunity to attract customers. You get access to the system on line booking and start selling.
Everything else we undertake, the company EL Tour. That you will not fail..

1. Travel Agent
As our client, you get access to an online booking. In real time, you can always get the latest information and book tours of any complexity.

  • Special offers
  • Available rooms in hotels
  • Stop sales
  • Booking a complete package (hotel, transfers, extras)
  • Payment on line
  • Print documents (invoice for payment, voucher)

2. Tour Operator
Partners of EL Tour, We provide access to our on line booking.

  • Search Tour
  • Master of the request
  • View Applications
  • Available rooms (Allotmant)
  • Stop Sale
  • Special offers
  • Reports (Payments, Balance Sheet)

The ability to integrate it online booking EL Tour to your site.

Database replication EL TOUR and databases partner. You no longer have to waste time entering the prices of hotels, transfers, Additional services. We will do all the work for you. You just need to concentrate on sales and attract new Tour Agents.

3. System on line booking
EL SUPPLIER - on line booking system integrated directly with the hotels. It daetvozmozhnost in real time to obtain all the necessary information on hotels (Special offers, stops sales Allotmant) Through the Master of the request, the possibility to form and to order a complete tourist package (hotel, transfers, excursions, additional services)

The first and only system in Portugal, Spain and Andorra in Russian and English, integrated directly with the hotels, allowing managers of tourism in real-time to see the availability and form a complete tourist.

4. All the best for tourists
We care about our reputation. Each client sent Our partners in Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Russia is very important for us. We accompany the client from the moment of arrival in one of the countries until the moment of departure. Visiting clients in hotels, providing full information about the place of rest, hotel, transfers, excursions, high-quality service, our duty. Quotas in hotels, special offers real-time, we have our own transport ensures our partners good deals on travel packages.

5. Integration into your site and automation agencies
We do not want you to be spending your time in the endless quest for hotels, pricing, unnecessary conversation. EL SELLER system aims to improve and increase the volume for your agency. Find new partners and increase sales!

Our on line booking module is easily integrated into your website. Easy interface (English and Russian), Hotel search by region, by stars, by city. Prices for hotels on the period requested, special offers, hotel details, photos, maps (the location of the hotel), all this in real time.

6. Import / Export
Import / Export EL Celler opportunity to carry out a mass upload and download files, XML.

Database replication EL TOUR and database partner. You no longer have to waste time entering the prices of hotels, transfers, additional uslugi.Nashi IT specialist will do everything for you. You just need to concentrate on sales and attract new Tour Agents.


Hotels, transport companies, restaurants, entertainment centers, tour operators who collaborate with EL TOUR, providing high quality service and special offers for tourists.

1. Booking System
EL SUPPLIER system now connects our database, your hotel directly with the tour operators and travel agents from Eastern Europe. Already well-known in the world practice the technology sales 2B2 increases your download at no cost.

2. New Market
EL TOUR receives thousands of tourists to Portugal, Spain and Andorra. We work with leading tour operators and travel agents from Eastern Europe and constantly expanding its geography. You get direct access to the tour operators and travel agents. Your hotel services you provide, see in real time thousands of potential customers, you increase sales.

3. Advertising at no additional cost
All the information that EL TOUR receives from its partners (hotels, transport companies, rental car, and so forth) are placed on our website and our partner sites. Hotel details, photos, video services, will see thousands of customers. You stanovitel known in the market without any additional cost.

4. Planning and increase sales
EL TOUR Company provides service throughout the territory of Portugal, Spain and Andorra throughout the year. Cooperation with us will help increase sales of your hotel is not only in the high season but in low. We guarantee for long-term cooperation with the EL Tour You will be able to maximize the loading of the hotel. Working with EL TOUR you increase profits and grow your business.

5. Become an Affiliate
You like Portugal, Spain, Andora Russia and know the history of one of these countries to favorite business brings you not only fun but also a good profit? Become a partner tour operator Incoming EL TOUR

Join our team and enjoy all the benefits of working with us.

EL TOUR The tour operator has a leading position on the reception and service of tourists in Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Russia.

We strive to surpass themselves, to be better and more successful every year, as well as to anticipate the needs of our customers.

One of the strategic objectives that we set for ourselves - the discovery of new tourist products in Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Russia, previously available only for the experienced backpacker.

We guarantee:

  • Successful and vibrant brand EL TOUR, which provides an advantage.
  • The work on the basis of multi-tour - leader reception of tourists in Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Russia.
  • Ready efficient business model.
  • The introduction of your product in our database, known technique sales 2B2
  • The presence of your tourism products (transfers, excursions, tours) on the market
  • The waste strategy for effective sales.
  • The high level of competence of the leading managers of the Central Office EL TOUR with extensive experience in tourism.

Advantages in:

  • The ability to sell their services to most of the leading tour operators without any restrictions and additional conditions.
  • Advertise your travel services online, in catalogs, maps of the region, in the tourist exhibitions, without any additional cost
  • He online booking to your website
  • He tours for sale online guides
  • Commission at different excursions through the sale on line
  • Marketing support: consulting assistance in the organization of local promotions.

Communication benefits

  • Internet portal
  • В2С – on line sale of hotels and additional services for direct clients
  • В2В – a unified system of selecting and booking the tour for tour operators

Terms of cooperation

  • It has already developed tour itineraries (excursions, tours, extra services)
  • Fluency in English, Russian, Portuguese language.
  • Necessary org. technology: computer, phone, printer, internet.
  • For guides - knowledge of the history of Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Russia.


Main office EL TOUR:

Portugal, Madeira, Funchal, 9000-187,

Rua Avenida Ariaga 50, Edificio "Diogos", 3º Andar, Sala 2


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Phone/ fax: (+351) 291281523

Mobile phone: (+351)910221695