UAE. Description of the country, regions
Ajman attracts those who are tired of the frantic rhythms of modern life and want to find a break from the hustle and bustle of civilization. Here you can not rush anywhere, enjoying the peace and quiet. Do not be surprised if life in this emirate appears to you simple, natural and calm.

Bordered by Sharjah, this small and humble emirate is located in the central west coast of the United Arab Emirates. The search for oil was not crowned with success in Ajman; other sources of wealth had to be sought here. Occupying an area of ​​269 sq. kilometers, the emirate develops two main industries - fishing and the construction of dhow boats - a popular floating facility used in the UAE. The Ajman shipyard, famous throughout the country, still applies the skills and abilities that have been used since ancient times in the construction of these boats, which are still widely used in the waters of Arab countries to this day. In the old days, Ajman was also the main supplier of pearls, which lasted until the artificial pearls from Japan appeared on the market.

Ajman today is a modern emirate with excellent roads connecting it to different parts of the country. Those who love to sunbathe and swim will appreciate the stunning, uncontaminated beaches of Ajman. The traditional way of life of this place gets along well with the looming new world full of industrial and technological transformations. The development of the local industry brought with it many changes that now play an important role in the life of the emirate.

Today, Ajman boasts state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology for film and sound recording. This became possible thanks to the "Association of Independent Studios" - the largest and most famous in the entire territory of the Middle East, working in the field of creating films, television and radio programs. Television and radio signals from Ajman are spread throughout the Arab world, providing viewers and listeners with excellent, high quality programming. Despite its modest economy, the emirate has made significant progress along the path of industrial development.

The small territory of Masfoot has huge resources, one of which is a mineral spring that supplies drinking water to all the countries of the Gulf. Another area - Manama is famous for its rich agricultural lands. The mountains surrounding Masfoot on all sides create a picturesque oasis full of coolness and freshness.

The 18th century Ajman Fortress will undoubtedly attract tourists' attention, reminding of the rich heritage of the land that formed the basis of the country's current prosperity. The fortress now houses the famous Ajman Museum, which houses the jewels of the rulers of past times, things that belonged to them, products of ancient crafts, items that recreate the atmosphere of bygone years and the past way of life. Reconstruction of the way of life of the past and traditional crafts using wax figures can be of particular interest to visitors.