UAE. Description of the country, regions
Since ancient times, Dubai has been a meeting place for Bedouin nomads, urban traders, pearl divers and fishermen. Now the emirate is an international business center and at the same time an excellent vacation spot.

Dubai stretches along the Persian Gulf. Dubai is the capital of the Emirate. It is crossed by a bay called Khor Dubai, 10 kilometers long, which divides the city into two parts. The southern part, known as Bar Dubai, is where the Ruler's office, the head offices of most companies, banks, customs, port, television and post office are located. The most notable are the Dubai Shopping Center, the Zoo and Al Jumeirah Park by the sea.

The northern part, known as Deira, is the center of business and tourism. Most of the shops, markets, schools, hotels, clubs and Dubai International Airport are located here. These two parts are connected by the Al-Maktoum and Al-Garhud bridges and the Al Shandaga tunnel, which passes under the Al-Khor Bay. Jebel Ali is a unique industrial and commercial area for the entire country. It is the largest free economic zone in the entire Persian Gulf. It contains Dry Dock, Jebel Ali Port and Dubai Aluminum Factory. The most important tourist attractions are the Hatta area, Al Avira and Al Khwanij.

Modern living standards and sophistication of the 21st century exist here alongside the ancient culture, Islamic traditions and the simplicity of the customs of the past centuries. 160 km separates the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The road connecting the two cities is now the busiest in the country, as the two neighboring emirates are the most populated and most economically developed in the UAE.