Thailand. Description of the country, regions

Thailand is a fabulous country with an ancient culture and rich Buddhist traditions, one of the centers of international tourism with a huge number of hotels and developed infrastructure. Luxurious palace complexes and shabby bamboo huts, ultra-modern glass and steel skyscrapers of Bangkok and ancient Buddhist temples, noisy high-speed overpasses and narrow cobbled streets - all this is mysterious Thailand . You will get a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions that will forever remain in your memory if you choose a holiday in Thailand.

Thailand  is called the "Land of a Thousand Smiles", here you will be met with extraordinary friendliness and hospitality. Thais are extremely cheerful people who love entertainment, laughter and jokes.

By choosing tours to Thailand from Minsk , you will visit ultra-modern  Bangkok , incendiary Pattaya, relax on the cleanest beaches of Koh Samui, Phuket and Phi Phi , enjoy the real exotics of Koh Samet  and Koh Chang . Hotels in Thailand , ranging from the most expensive exclusive to cheap bungalows, harmoniously fit into the exotic nature of the country and are famous for their excellent location and sandy beaches.

An amazing excursion program, high mountains covered with virgin forests and luxurious sandy beaches, the magnificence of nightlife and exciting inexpensive shopping, the wisdom of Buddhist monks and relaxing Thai massage  - all this makes combined tours to Thailand in demand and popular. Tours to Thailand will open the treasures of Asia for you and color your life with impressions.

Thanks to the developed tourist infrastructure, very affordable prices, the highest level of service, hospitality and friendliness of the local population, holidays in Thailand are extremely diverse. Ancient Buddhist traditions and culture are carefully preserved here, and at the same time they quickly respond to changes in the modern world. Visiting Thailand , you will see how intricately the latest achievements of mankind and the traditional way of life are intertwined here.

Phuket Island is rightfully considered one of the best and most prestigious resorts in Asia and around the world. The mild climate of the island, a variety of entertainment and a high level of service attract more and more tourists to the island every year. Choosing tours to Phuket from Minsk , you will not have even the slightest opportunity to be bored either in the daytime or in the evening. The dream of a vacation in a tropical paradise will come true if you choose a holiday in Phuket .

Life on Koh Samui is measured and unhurried, and the hospitality of the islanders knows no bounds. Holidays on Koh Samui  offer absolutely all the opportunities for active recreation, as well as for solitude and a relaxing pastime in the shade of palm trees on the ocean. Beautiful waterfalls, orchards, fabulous cliffs, emerald rice plantations, forested mountain slopes and, of course, magnificent beaches - everything brings peace and is of interest to many tourists who have chosen tours to Koh Samui .

Rocky cliffs, palm groves, numerous caves and white sand beaches, clear sea and small islands of Krabi province and make an unforgettable impression on tourists. The amazing beauty of the surrounding nature, enchanting waterfalls and tropical jungle, tranquility and solitude have made Koh Chang a popular Thai resort. And no matter which island of Thailand you choose - the untouched white beaches of  Phi Phi , holidays in Krabi , Koh Chang or Samet  - you can be sure that you will be met absolutely everywhere by Thai exoticism and the highest level of service.

The sun, the ocean, palm trees, the golden sand of nearby coral islands, the unbridled fun of the night city - all year round we offer tours to Pattaya from Minsk . Life in Pattaya does not stop even for an hour. Numerous bars, discos, restaurants for every taste, a variety of shows, colorful shopping arcades and many shops and shops, a lot of all kinds of excursions and entertainment programs - and this is not all that Pattaya offers .

Those who like to explore new countries and sights should definitely visit Bangkok  , the capital of Thailand. It surprisingly combines ultra-modern buildings with Buddhist temples and historical monuments. Shopping enthusiasts will find numerous shops and markets in Bangkok. Life in Bangkok does not stop even at night: pubs, go-go bars, karaoke, various shows will not let tourists get bored. The best option for a full-fledged acquaintance with the country is offered by combined tours to Thailand with a visit to Bangkok and a holiday on the coast.

Official name : Kingdom of Thailand.

Capital : Bangkok.

Time : 5 hours ahead of Belarusian time.

Geography : the state is located in Southeast Asia. Thailand lies on the Indochina Peninsula and only the southernmost part of the country is on the Malay Peninsula. There are a fairly large number of mountain ranges on the territory of the country, especially in the north and west of the country.

Climate : Thailand has two main types of climate - tropical savanna climate and tropical monsoon climate. The climate of the central part of the country can be divided into three seasons: hot - from March to May, the temperature reaches +42 ° C, rainy - from June to October, the temperature is +26 .. + 32 ° C, and cool - from November to February, the temperature +18..+32°C. In the north of the country, it is cool in winter, and even cold at night, so you should take warm clothes with you. In the south, from March to November, the climate is very humid, it is better to go there from February to March.

Currency: baht (THB). 1 THB = 100 satang. 1 USD ~ 29.87 THB. It is best to change currency in exchange offices or banks. In any large supermarket there is an exchange office of some bank. It is not worth changing the currency at the hotel, as the exchange rate there is usually not very favorable. Large banks are open only on weekdays from 8:30 to 22:00. Small banks and licensed exchange offices are open on weekdays from 8:30-09:30 to 15:00-15:30. In resort areas, the operation of banks is often longer. Most shops and restaurants accept the most famous credit cards - Visa, American Express, Diners Club. Traveler's checks in USD are also accepted.

Customs: import and export of foreign currency is not limited, a declaration is needed for an amount of 10,000 USD or more. Export of national currency - no more than 50,000 THB, more than this amount only with special permission. It is allowed to import duty-free 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco, one liter of wine or strong alcohol, one photo, video or movie camera (with a camera - up to 5 films, with a video camera - up to three cassettes). Platinum jewellery, rough gemstones, gold bars, Buddha images (excluding neck medallions), ivory and any leather and bone products of protected animals, as well as stamps and antiques are prohibited from exporting without permission from the Department of Fine Arts. It is forbidden to import drugs, weapons (without police permission) and pornography. To export jewelry, you must obtain a certificate from the store. Persons arrested with drugs sentenced to death in Thailand. Those wishing to take out the ingredients of "Thai pills" may well be detained for smuggling drugs.

Transport : Tourists are advised to use public transport or taxis. Passenger trains move slower, but their low speed is compensated by the fact that you can see this beautiful country along the way. When traveling long distances, overnight passenger trains are recommended. Traffic on the roads is chaotic, drivers do not follow the rules of the road. Self-driving is not recommended, it is better to rent a car with a driver.

Shops, shopping : shops are open from 8.00 to 20.00. In the country's markets, you can buy food and manufactured goods at the lowest prices. Definitely worth haggling. Thailand is known as a place where you can bargain for gemstone jewelry. In the same Pattaya, for example, a visit to the jewelry center is usually included in a city tour. When choosing jewelry in the country, you need to be extremely careful and in no case buy them from your hands - even if the price is very tempting. Thai silk, cotton fabrics, and crocodile skin products are usually brought from Thailand.

Cuisine, restaurants: The streets and canals of Thai cities are lined with stalls and carts, bicycles and boats selling a variety of snacks. In Thailand, parties and holidays are very fond of, during noisy and groovy festivals, carefully prepared traditional dishes are always served as a sign of respect for local customs and traditions. In Thai cuisine, dishes are decorated with pride, beautifully and brightly. Vegetables for garnish are cut very carefully, in various shapes. Intricate designs and artistic performance are an integral part of Thai cuisine. Daily meals are very dependent on the weather, on the season, on the harvest, and on the vagaries of the rainy seasons. Thai people take their food seriously, choosing only the freshest ingredients with delicate flavors and textures. One of the main products is rice - it is both a side dish and a main dish, it is also served for dessert. Also, do not forget that many local dishes can turn out to be very spicy out of habit. Therefore, if a restaurant visitor is not sure that his stomach will fully and completely approve of something spicy, he should warn the waiter about this in advance. Open cheap restaurants where hygiene standards are not always up to standard are best avoided. In inexpensive establishments, you should refuse to use ice in drinks.

Tipping : Approximately 10% of the total order.

Safety : we do not recommend buying food from street and beach chefs and merchants - poisoning is possible. Nudism in the country is completely banned, although topless on the beach is far from uncommon. One must always remember the untouchable traditions of Thailand.