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Tours in Portugal

tour 8 days from 780 €
stars with 11.02.22 TO 31.03.22
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Fantastic Madeira
An incredible Madeira Island excursion program awaits you. As part of our tour, we will show you all the fantastic places of the island. We will walk around Funchal and get acquainted with the history of the great sailors. We will swim on the best beaches of the island in Porto Moniz and Machico, we will walk a walking route along Levada, we will climb to the highest peak of the island. It seems that it is impossible to do this in a short period, but this is only a small part of our route. See the details of the excursion tour program in the description by day. We are waiting for your visit
tour 4 days from 316.8 €
stars with 01.08.21 TO 31.03.22
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Pearl of the Atlantic
A surprisingly easy and laid-back Madeira tour. During the excursions, we will get acquainted with such sights as: Santa Catarina Park, Monument to Henry the Navigator, Fountain dedicated to the discoverers, wine company, cathedral, central market, Cathedral of the Jesuit Order, municipal square, F. Ornelas street, Santa Catarina street, Fort Santiago ...
tour 8 days from 845.96 €
stars with 13.09.21 TO 31.03.22
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The two capitals of Portugal
Without visiting the two capitals of Portugal, one can hardly consider acquaintance with this country. held. We bring to your attention the excursion tour "Two capitals Portugal ", in which the main cities of Portugal will unfold before you in all its magnificence and versatility!
tour 8 days from 6600 €
stars with 01.06.21 TO 31.10.21
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Holidays in Madeira
Active holidays on the island of Madeira. A program for those who like to combine outdoor activities with excursions. As part of the tour - Holidays in Madeira, we will introduce you to the history of the island and Portugal. We will find out why the island of Madeira was the first place that the Portuguese discovered during the great geographical discoveries. We will pass the charming villages of the island, climb the highest mountain, swim on sandy beaches and in pools of volcanic solidified lava. We will go through some of the most famous hiking trails on the popular levada on the island. And, of course, we will play Golf, Tennis, sea tuna and marlin fishing. But that's not all, our program will be permeated with the gastronomic miracle of Madeira Island, where we will try all the famous Portuguese dishes. We wish you a good rest. We are looking forward to your visit.
  • Регулярные групповые и индивидуальные экскурсии на острове Мадейре.
    Regular group and individual excursions in Madeira Island.
  • <div style='color:#ffffff'>Пешеходные прогулки и экскурсии по Левадам на острове Мадейра.
    Hiking and tours of Levadas in Madeira.
  • Экскурсионный тур Фантастическая Мадейра.<br /> Дни заезда: еженедельно по  Пн, Сб<br>
    Excursion tour Fantastic Madeira.
    Days of arrival: weekly on Mon, Sat
  • <div style='color:#ffffff'>ТОП 10 Экскурсий на Мадейре
    TOP 10 Excursions in Madeira
  • <div style='color:#ffffff'>ВИП Сервис и отдых класса Люкс на острове Мадейра<br />
Раскошная Luxury Dream Villa!
    VIP Service and luxury holidays on Madeira Island
    Luxurious Luxury Dream Villa!

Excursions to Portugal

The tour begins with a visit to the area of Alfama, which offers panoramic views of the city and the river Rio Tejo. Alfama immediately gives you the opportunity to experience the sense of antiquity and history, because this is one of the oldest quarters of the capital, from which, in fact, Lisbon began.

Transfers to Portugal

 As an alternative to taxis and Uber, in Portugal you can book a transfer. From Lisbon airport or Faro to the hotel or other city, from the hotel to the airport or to an interesting place, which is difficult to reach by public transport.