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Senhor do Monte observation deck in Lisbon

Let's think about what can be at the highest point of Lisbon? That's right, the observation deck of Señora do Monte. The expression Lisbon in the palm of your hand is ideal for describing the incredible view that opens from this place. The chapel of Nossa Senhor do Monte is located here. On this place was the hut of the hermit Gens, one of the first bishops of Lisbon. Immediately he was martyred, after which he was canonized. The chapel in honor of St. Gens was built in 1147. In the chapel, the Augustine monks installed a marble chair of St. Gens, with which an ancient legend is connected. If a pregnant woman sits on this chair, childbirth will be easy and without complications.Even the wife of King João V of Portugal, Donna Maria Anna of Austria, sat on this chair when she was pregnant as the heir to the throne. This tradition continues to this day. The ancient chapel could not withstand the destructive power of the 1755 earthquake. The almost destroyed..

Madeira in February

In the upcoming winter season of 2023, flight programs from Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Poland to Portugal to Madeira Island will continue. Regular, weekly direct flights departing from Vilnius, Prague, Warsaw, Katowice to Madeira to Funchal will be operated by national airlines and European Lowcosreers Ryanair Wizzair. When planning their vacation in February on the island of Madeira, travelers have many questions that we will try to answer. We offer you to understand in more detail why the island is so green and fresh in the last month of winter, and learn about what awaits tourists during the February holiday in Madeira. Weather in Madeira in February If there is a place in Europe where all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay are perfectly combined, this is of course the island of Madeira. Well, it can't be an accident when Madeira is recognized for the 7th time as the best island place to relax on planet EARTH! Traditionally, the island of Madeira..

Ponta de São Lourenço

Ponta de São Lourenço is the eastern point of Madeira and is a nature reserve with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and spectacular rock formations. The caniçal parish is located in the southeast of Madeira Island, and is best known for its port with fishermen's boats, walks by the sea, the curious Whale Museum, and delicious fresh fish restaurants. Ponta de São Lourenço stands out because it belongs to the Natura 2000 Network and is an ex-libris in the geosite's circuit of Madeira, corresponding to a site of high geological relevance. Stroll to this viewpoint called Ponta do Rosto, which offers one of the best views of the island, from there we can see the famous Lorde farm on the southeast side and Porto da Cruz. From here you can contemplate the contrasts of the sunset and the natural cuts of the north and south coast of the island. How to get there? There are 3 ways to get to Ponta de São Lourenço by bus number 113, car..

What to bring from Portugal and Madeira Island

The culture, way of life and traditions of each country or individual region are vividly represented by authentic souvenirs offered to tourists. Madeira Island is no exception in this case. Resting on this amazing island, tourists' eyes run away from a huge number of quality goods and beautiful souvenirs skillfully made by craftsmen. We will recommend you what to bring from Madeira as a gift to family and friends so that souvenirs and other gifts serve as an original and pleasant reminder of the country of Portugal.   A list of what to bring from Portugal from Madeira.   1 Rooster Barcelos 2 Azulejo 3 Ceramic products 4 Cork wood products 5 Leather goods 6 Jewelry 7 Sports accessories 8 Clothes 9 Wine 10 Port 11 Madeira 12 Liquor 13 Bakalhau 14 Olives and olive oil 15 Coffee 16 Cheese 17 Sweets 18 Canned food 19 Hamon 20 Soap   Rooster Barcelos The main Portuguese souvenir is the famous cockerel Barcelos. It is named after the..

Christmas on Madeira and everything you need to know about it

All about Christmas on Madeira Island Christmas is a time full of unique sights, sounds and aromas. We gather with family members to enjoy the magical moments of this event in honor of the birth of Jesus, which develops into a world religious and secular holiday. Madeira is one of the regions of Portugal where Christmas is celebrated the most. In early December, on the occasion of the celebration of Santo Amaro, the festival will last until January 15. From ethnographic fairs, concerts and performances of folklore groups, obstetrics, market night to New Year's fireworks.   But how did Christmas begin? The term Natal comes from the Latin word "Natalis", which in turn comes from the verb "born" (nāscor). For Christians, this date marks the birth of Jesus. However, in ancient times, this date was uncertain, as no one knew when Jesus was born. Although some evidence suggests that his birth could have occurred in the spring. In fact, the Christmas story begins at least..
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