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TOP 10 Most Popular and Interesting Excursions in Madeira

For 7 years in a row, Madeira Island has been recognized as the best island resort on planet Earth. Traveling to Madeira is no longer just a vacation, it means being in trend. The incredible beauty of Madeira Island is located right in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. Like a floating flowerbed, it's all drowning in flowers that were brought here from all over the world.
Truly an earthly paradise among the Atlantic Ocean.
Back in the distant 15th century, Portuguese sailors open this place to turn it into one of the most attractive islands in the world for recreation. The popularity of the island is growing every year, thanks, of course, to its climate, gastronomic component, locals and, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo. Madeira is multifaceted - a combination of incredible natural wealth, beauty and resort luxury and comfort. Europeans prefer to rest here. But in recent years, more and more Ukrainians and Russians have been striving to visit the elite resort, despite the very close distance. In this article, we want to help you plan your vacation on Madeira Island, with this selection of sightseeing routes you can make an independent trip around Sotrova or join our regular inexpensive tours of the island and the capital Funchal. 
List of the most interesting excursions on the island of Madeira:
  • Walking tour of Funchal
  • Western part of Madeira Island - Port Monige
  • Eastern part of Madeira Island - Santana
  • Levada Rabasal - Riscu - 25 Sources
  • Levada Caldeirau Verde
  • Walking tour of St. Lawrence Vered
  • Boat trip on the caravel of Santa Maria de Colombo
  • Whale and dolphin watching
  • Meeting the dawn in Madeira on the mountain peak of Areirro
  • Catamaran trip at Sunset

A walking tour is a good option for those who first found themselves in the city of Funchal and would like to get to know it better. During the walking tour, you will not only get an idea of the geography, history and monuments of the city of Funchal, but also have the opportunity to plunge into the rhythm of his life, learn about the legends, traditions, music and way of life of the inhabitants of Madeira Island.

Let's start our tour with the delightful Santa Catarina Park, which offers magnificent views of Funchal Bay and the promenade. We will continue the route along the central Avenue of Arriaga Avenue, the heart of the city, famous for its colorful fountains and unique pavement in the sea style and incredible Gardens. During the walk, we will get acquainted with the nation of great sailors represented by Henry the Navigator, Columbus and João Zarco. You will see the view of the tiled roofs of Funchal drowning in the greenery of parks and gardens. Let's take a look at the Blandy wine company, which is located in the ancient building of St. Francis, let's walk through the streets of the 15th century. It is difficult to imagine acquaintance with Portuguese cities without visiting the Cathedral. We will also walk along a cobblestone street, curling through traditional cafes, souvenir kiosks, fashion shops and grocery stores. You will see the Municipal Square of Funchal, where the Jesuit Cathedral is majestically located and in the center of the square there are pleasant waters of the fountain. Continuing our tour of Funchal, we will walk along the commercial street Ornelash, which solemnly ends with the city market. Visiting the market - a variety of fruits and vegetables will surprise even the most sophisticated tourist.

Acquaintance with the old part of the city. Walk along the famous Santa Catarina Street. Graphite, restaurants, galleries. Apotheosis - the end of the excursion to the Fortress of St. Thiago. Like FORT BayAR, it rises above the historical part of the city of Funchal, from where stunning views of the ocean and the surroundings of the city are offered.

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The tour of the western part of Madeira is especially attractive for those who want to get to know the island better, to feel its special, unique beauty, attracted by seafares and mountain peaks. Rich and spectacular, it will allow you to enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of Madeira, learn how and what its inhabitants live. In addition to getting acquainted with the nature of the western part of the island, you will find stops in ancient towns dating back to the late Middle Ages. Walking through such towns will allow you to both "dive into" the historical past of the island and get acquainted with the modern life of Madeira outside its capital.

At the beginning of the tour, exit from Funchal along the south bank in a westerly direction. Very soon - the first stop in the small town of Camara de Lobos. The center of the fishing industry of the island, the town has preserved the flavor of a traditional fishing village to this day. The cute bay is animated by brightly painted fishermen's boats hanging on the bank of the net, sold immediately by fish. Winston Churchill once depicted the uniquely picturesque flavor of the town of Camara de Lobos in his paintings.

The next stop is the famous Cape Cabo Girand, the highest cape in Europe (580 meters above the ocean). From the height of the recently restored observation deck with a glass transparent floor you will see a beautiful panorama of the southern coast, the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean.

Moving to the town of Ribeira Brava will be remembered by the traditional agricultural landscape of the island - everywhere on the steep slopes of mountains and hills there are terraces where Madeiryan peasants grow their crops. Here, in the western part of the island on the southern coast of Madeira, you will see an abundance of banana plantations.

In Ribeira Brava you can walk along the narrow streets where the flair of the late Middle Ages seems to have survived. Visit to the ancient Cathedral of St. Bento will please art lovers with a valuable collection of paintings by Flemish masters of painting. The embankment with a promenade and sea views attracts travelers with cozy bars and cute street cafes.

After visiting Ribeira Brava, the direction of the tour changes - you cross the island and arrive on the opposite northern shore of Madeira. Further acquaintance with the western part of the island takes place along the northern coast. After a short stop in the charming town of San Vicente, perhaps the most impressive part of the tour begins with a visit to the ancient cathedral. A panorama of the harsh and impregnable northern shore with an abundance of water flows and waterfalls descending to the ocean, stunning pictures of the ocean and other beauties of nature - something for which numerous travelers rush to these places.

Long stop in the city of Porto Moniz, the western tip of the island. This wonderful town is a resort and tourist center, where not only foreign tourists, but also islanders themselves enjoy relaxing. Porto Moniz will delight you with the seascapes of breathtaking beauty. Natural ocean basins in frozen volcanic lava are very attractive, where you can swim in good weather and calm ocean. The beautiful embankment seems to invite you to take a pleasant walk and admire the amazing pictures of the ocean and powerful waves crashing against volcanic rocks. Lunch with traditional Madeirian cuisine at the restaurant of Porto Moniz (optional).

Return to Funchal through the tops of the mountain range. You will have a great opportunity to fully experience the beauty and grandeur of Madeira's mountain landscapes. At an altitude of 1500 meters, a grand panorama of the highest peaks - Pico Ruivo (1862m) and Pico do Areiro (1818m) suddenly opens in the area of the high plateau Paul da Serra. Harsh and grandiose, these authentic masterpieces of nature will leave a truly indelible and unforgettable experience. The final stop on the way back is the picturesque Encumiada mountain pass with an altitude of 1007 meters.

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If you choose excursions to the eastern part of Madeira Island, get ready for a bright and unforgettable experience. This tour will fully present you the richness of the island's nature, the variety of magnificent views and the riot of colors. In addition, you can get acquainted with the island's artistic crafts, traditions of household and everyday culture by visiting the wicker factory in Kamash and the traditional Santana house.

Already at the beginning of the tour, leaving Funchal, and gradually delving into the eastern part of the island, you will begin to admire the beautiful views of the southern coast.

The first stop in the small and pretty town of Kamasha, which is famous for its careful attitude to folklore, artistic and ethnographic traditions. It is in Kamash that one of the first artistic crafts of the island - weaving baskets of willow rods - was preserved and put at the level of small production. You will be delighted with the skill and virtuosity of Madeirian basket workers, watching their work during a visit to the wicker factory, and are unlikely to resist buying original souvenirs.

One of the most picturesque roads of the island leads from Kamashi to the top of the mountain range the name of the island (Portuguese word "madeira" means "tree, wood, forest"), so powerful and diverse forests cover the mountain slopes along which a ribbon of serpentine curls. Stunning panoramic views of the island, ocean, southern and northern coasts of Madeira open from the top of Pico do Areiro - height 1818 m.

Further route of the tour involves acquaintance with the northern coast of the eastern part of the island. You will visit the trout farm in the picturesque and protected village of Ribeiro Friu, make a walking transition through the relic laurel forest "laurissilva" along the levada (artificial irrigation channel).

When moving to Santana (the largest pride of the northern coast) on the old road, you will quite enjoy the opening views of the ocean, Cape St. Laurentia, and in good weather you can see the island of Porto Santo - the second inhabited island of the archipelago. The charming and elegant traditional Santana houses - a triangular shape with straw roofs - invariably cause a sense of emotion and admiration. After lunch in a nice local restaurant (lunch at will) continuation of the excursion in the direction of Cape St. Lawrence is the eastern tip of the island.

During the move, you will return to the south bank, go through the legendary city of Mashikou, the historical and tourist center of Madeira. Stunning landscapes of Cape St. Lawrence and the views that open from the observation decks adequately complete the excursion route, leaving no one indifferent.

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This is the most popular walk on the island. One of the greatest "works of art" of nature. We go down from the Paul da Serra plateau and come to Rabasal's guest house. From there, the way goes to the Risko and 25 Fonta Falls (25 Sources).
Perhaps this is one of the most famous levadas. Walking along this route, enjoy the contrasts between light and shadow playing in the laurels that will accompany you throughout the route.
Rabaçal 25 Fontes Levada Walk: Levada Rabaçal starts in Paul da Serra, or rather in Rabaçal. From here we can observe one of the most beautiful valleys of Madeira, the Rabasal Valley and go down to the Rabasal Forest House. We work in the Laurissilva Forest, a World Heritage Site. After walking a few meters of pure beauty, we will visit the stunning Risko waterfall for the first time. After a break on the balcony, Risko, we go our own way.

Around you can be blinded by the green beauty of the forest and the noise of nature, the natural heart of Madeira Island. We can enjoy a variety of plant species, including Tree Heather (Erica arborea) and Besom Heath (Erica scoparia). and blueberry Madera (Vaccinium padifolium). We hope that among many bird species we will be able to find the dove Trocaza (columba trocaz trocaz), a unique species in Madeira. After all, we find 25 Fontes and its beautiful green and fresh lagoon surrounded by vines and giant ferns.

The route begins directly from the Keimadash campsite in the upper part of Santana and passes through the protected forest of Laurilva, where the rare species of the dove Trokazh lives, ancient laurels and Madeiryan cedars grow. It is necessary to overcome several tunnels to approach the majestic Caldeirau Verde waterfall.

A real fairy tale in a green paradise that starts from Quemadas. Until you get to the majestic waterfall, the route will be surprisingly colorful. Along the route, you will have magnificent views of the village of Sao Joao and the mountains.

Water is always present on a walk. You can see how water flows from rocks, flows through the levada and falls from the sky on rainy days. It's a fantastic trail, safe all year round.

There will be several tunnels along the way, so don't forget about the flashlight and protect your head.

Arriving at Caldeirao Verde, immerse yourself in the breathtaking view of a huge waterfall falling on a cold and crystal clear lagoon. Have a picnic before returning, enjoying the relaxing sound of falling water.

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This walk is considered a medium degree of complexity. At first, it seems that it's very simple... wooden steps, bridges... what could be difficult here?

The route leads to convenient steps along steep slopes. So be careful.

Along the way, you will be amazed at fantastic landscapes: Desert Islands in the south and Porto Santo Island in the north (weather permitting). From this walk you can see the north and southern coast of Madeira Island.

Having passed to the far end of the peninsula, we find "Cais do Sardinha", which supports the caretakers of the Madeira Natural Park. This is the only place where you can enjoy the shadow of beautiful palm trees. In summer, we recommend that you take a swimsuit with you to swim in our crystal clear water.

In addition, during the walk you will have a great opportunity to watch planes descending at the airport.

After a few minutes of rest, we return in the same way to the end, but before that we will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful observation deck with beautiful views!

Do not forget to be prepared for different atmospheric conditions: wind, sun, rain... Along the way, it is almost impossible to find a shadow, so do not forget to take sunscreen and hat. Since this is a deserted area, there can be a very strong wind here.

Get ready for unpredictable weather... and unique impressions!

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The ship Santa Maria de Colombo is an exact copy of the ship on which the navigator Christopher Columbus discovered America.
This vessel was built in the fishing village of Camara de Lobos in 1997-1998 by Robert Wentier together with local craftsmen.
Mahogany was mainly used.
Santa Maria de Colombo represented Madeira wine at Expo 98 in Lisbon, receiving 97,000 visitors in just 25 days of the exhibition.
Santa Maria de Colombo travels along the southern coast of Madeira Island, usually in the Cabo Girao area makes a bath stop.
On board this caravel there is also a great opportunity to see dolphins, whales and sea turtles near.
During the trip, each client is offered a tasting of Madeira wine and honey cake.
This journey will not only lead you to the coast, but also allow you to watch whales and dolphins in Madeira.

It starts at the meeting point at the main office at the Marina Shopping Center in Funchal, where you will have information about the company, security measures and a brief introduction to the species you can watch. After the briefing, you will be taken to the harbor, where a boat awaits you to go on this amazing journey. Whales and dolphins are usually monitored on the southern coast of Funchal.

We have a group of observers in several parts of the island who monitor the movement of various species of dolphins that are here on Madeira Island. So you have almost 100% chance of watching them. As for other species, such as whales, seal monks and turtles, it is not so guaranteed that you will see them as dolphins, but the chances are very high.

During the trip, take the opportunity to observe the Madeira coastline, admire the views of the mountains and parishes of the island.

Whale and dolphin watching in Madeira is one of the best activities you can do, it will take you on an adventure around the island in search of our beautiful cetaceans.

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There are not many mountain peaks that can be reached by car. But the 1818-meter Pico do Arieira, the third highest peak of Madeira, is one of them. We will pick you up from the hotel and climb you up to the mountains above the clouds to see the sunrise. Passing under the clouds, you will notice that the mountains are covered with lush vegetation, including heather, moss and impressive purple Candicans Echium.

The adventure will continue along Madeira's most beautiful forest road. It's time for adventure and enjoy the best on the island!

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Well, on this trip everything is brought together to give you the best impressions.
Starting from Funchal pier, you will go towards Cape Girao, one of the highest rocks in the world with a height of 580 m, where you will see a beautiful sunset.

Along the way, you will have the opportunity to observe some cetaceans living in our waters, such as dolphins and, if you are lucky, whales, seals and turtles, as well as admire the views of the village of Camara de Lobos, Formosa Beach and the city of Funchal.

This is one of the best and special ways to enjoy the sunset, and we know that it will be unforgettable memories.

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