Portugal. Description of the country, regions
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Portugal is a charming country where virgin nature is serenely adjacent to developed tourist infrastructure, and respect for national customs peacefully coexists with pan-European traditions. One of the main features of the national character of the Portuguese is hospitality. Arriving in Portugal, you will immediately feel that you are sincerely welcome here. Tourists will be pleasantly surprised by the willingness of locals to help in any situation, combined with the calm dignity, courtesy and restraint inherent in the style of communication of the Portuguese.


10 things to do in Portugal:

Walk through the picturesque streets of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra.
Climb the incredible length of stairs in Braga, leading to the famous Church of Christ on Galgotha.
Watch whales on Madeira Island. Lie on the sandy beaches of the Algarve.
Try green wine, which has no analogue in any other country.
Walk along the famous Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon.
Visiting bullfighting is a traditional hobby of the Portuguese.
Visit the city of Fatima, where Catholics believe that the Miracle of the Appearance of the Virgin Mary to Children took place.
Buy a real port in Porto.
To visit Cape Roca, the extreme western point of mainland Europe.

Tours to Portugal can offer tourists everything they need for a good rest - hot summer, fresh ocean breeze, luxurious sandy beaches, clean sea and many attractions. Hotels in Portugal are often located at the top of a variety of ratings, and a considerable number of different kinds of entertainment establishments will almost certainly not let nightlife lovers get bored. However, all this can be obtained in any major city in Europe - but only sightseeing tours to Portugal will allow you to get acquainted with very peculiar Portuguese cuisine, appreciate the advantages of very good wines and listen to a real "fado".

TOP 10 most popular and interesting sightseeing tours in Portugal

Almost every city in the country has ancient monasteries, churches, castles and fortresses built throughout the centuries-old history of Portugal. For example, on a house in the village of Sabroza, where Magellan was born in the 16th century, no one will think of screwing a sign, ordinary peasants live in this house.

Portugal is a rare region where everyone can find something for themselves: it is the Algarve with picturesque shores, beautiful sandy beaches and the purest water of the Atlantic; and rest on the island of Madeira - the island of eternal spring and endless Madeira; excursion tours to Lisbon with its twenty-century history; and Porto - the city of the commercial elite, the birthplace of port wine.

The best option for exploring the country is combined tours to Portugal, combining sightseeing tours and holidays in the Algarve, the Lisbon Riviera or Madeira.

TOP 10 Most Popular and Interesting Excursions in Lisbon and Porto

Capital: Lisbon.

Language: Portuguese. English is used in tourist areas.

Geography: occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal includes Madeira and the Azores in the Atlantic.

Climate: subtropical Mediterranean, mild, without sharp temperature fluctuations. Due to the proximity of the ocean in summer there is no exhausting heat in Portugal, and winter is warm. Summer is dry and sunny, not hot. The average temperature is +20 °C, in the mountains - +18 °C, winters are cool, from +4 °C to +10 °C and rainy. It's warm and dry in the south of the country. The average January temperature is +5 °C.. +10°C, July - from +20 °C to +27 °C. The water temperature in summer is +20.. +23°C.

Currency: euro (EUR). You can exchange currency at banks, hotels and exchange offices at airports and railway stations. The least favorable exchange rate in hotels and banks. When exchanging, a mandatory commission is charged, which may vary depending on the place of exchange. Traveler's checks are accepted almost everywhere and at a more favorable rate than cash, but the commissions are quite high (up to 13%).

Customs: the import of foreign and national currency into the country is not limited, the amount of more than 3000 USD must be declared. The export of imported foreign currency is allowed, but more than 2500 EUR, they can be exported only if evidence of importation of this amount is provided. It is forbidden to import drugs, weapons, explosives, as well as jewelry worth more than 150 EUR. Up to 200 cigarettes, 1 liter of spirits and 2 liters of wine are imported duty-free.

Transportation: Lisbon has a subway, buses, trams and several special lifts. Taxis are easy to recognize by black-green or beige color and color signal. In the city, the fee is charged on the counter, and outside it - by mileage, including the return way to the place of departure. From 22:00 to 6:00 the tariff is increased by 20%. All taxis have a price list in two languages.

Shops, shopping: shops are open on weekdays from 9:00 to 19:00, lunch - from 13:00 to 15:00. On Saturdays, shops close at 13:00 (December - at 19:00). Some shopping centers in resort cities are open from 10:00 to 23.00. High-quality and fashionable shoes and clothing, 19.5 carat gold products, ceramic products, original white or red port wine, world-famous Portuguese Maderu wine are usually brought from Portugal.

Cuisine, restaurants: the main direction of Portuguese cuisine is a variety of dishes made of meat, fish and vegetables. By the way, chefs know more than 300 ways to cook cod, they know how to cook a lot of dishes from sardines, mackerel, perch, trout and other types of fish. Madeira's cuisine differs from continental by an even greater abundance of fish and seafood, as well as the widespread use of fruits and local spices. Portuguese wines are also famous all over the world. The country produces a huge number of red, white and "green" wines resembling champagne. Port wine is the hallmark of Portugal: white is drunk as an aperitif, and red is drunk for dessert. It is recommended to leave a tip of 10% of the bill in a restaurant, taxi, some cafes.

5 dishes to try in Portugal

Safety: in Portugal - low crime rate, you can safely walk down the street at any time of the day. But still, it is better not to leave valuables in the car or on the beach completely unattended. Portugal ranks first in Europe in terms of the number of road accidents.