Thailand. Description of the country, regions

Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket. Its name translates as "elephant island". The amazing beauty of the surrounding nature, enchanting waterfalls and tropical jungle, tranquility and solitude have made Koh Chang a popular Thai resort.

Good opportunities for beach holidays and diving are complemented by excellent hotels, high level of service, reasonable prices and developed  infrastructure. On Koh Chang there are activities for fans of active pastime. They choose boats, bicycles, scuba gear, hiking and night fishing.

Exotic excursion programs give you the opportunity to ride elephants , go to secluded beaches of nearby islands, visit Buddhist temples and two beautiful waterfalls: the three-level Than Maiom waterfall on the east coast and Khlong Plu on the west coast. 

The main life of the island is concentrated on the coast, a small number of resorts is explained by the fact that this area is considered a national park. Vibrant nightlife, huge supermarkets, thousands of souvenir shops - all this
remains on the mainland. But on the island of Koh Chang you will find a secluded and relaxing holiday in the atmosphere of snow-white beaches, away from the bustle of megacities. The surrounding atmosphere is ideal for couples and lovers. After all, this island is full of romance!