Thailand. Description of the country, regions

Krabi is a province of Thailand, located in the southwest of the country, about 870 km from Bangkok on the coast of the Adaman Sea. Relatively recently, this place has become a popular resort. The total area of ​​the province is about 4700 sq. km. and covers not only coastal areas, but also more than 130 small islands, the most visited of which are Phi Phi .

It is better to plan a trip to Krabi from mid-November to April: at this time, the weather pleases with warm, dry days, while, for example, afternoon showers are likely from May to August. True, being short, they cannot spoil the rest to a large extent. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in September-October, however, sunny hot days are not uncommon during this period. Thus, a trip to this province is possible at any time: good weather reigns here almost all year round and allows tourists to fully appreciate the beauty of the local nature.