Thailand. Description of the country, regions

Pattaya is a well-known international resort that has brought fame to Thailand as a tourist mecca, where fun under the sun does not stop for an hour. Bright, elegant, cheerful Pattaya has no equal among the resorts of Southeast Asia. Day and night, the city gives you a variety of exciting feelings that can be compared to a bizarre kaleidoscope. Enjoy to the maximum in a dazzling cycle of sports and entertainment.

Pattaya   is an extraordinary phenomenon. In translation, "Pattaya" means "wind blowing from the southwest to the northeast at the beginning of the rainy season." In the recent past, Pattaya was a small fishing village on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Pattaya turned into a resort after it became a favorite vacation spot for American soldiers in 1961. During the war in Indochina, when Thailand  played the role of a rear for the Americans who openly fought in Vietnam and secretly in Laos and Cambodia, one of the US air bases was located at the U-Tapao airport.

Located just 150 km southeast of Bangkok, in a wide bay with a cascade of stunning beaches, Pattaya has been gentrified over the past three decades and has earned the title of "resort city" for good reason. Here everyone will find what he likes - this is the rare attraction of Pattaya. While other resorts attract tourists solely for their natural location,  Pattaya strives to provide holidaymakers with everything they can think of. To its main advantage - a unique geographical location, Pattaya adds everything that makes up an ideal vacation - entertainment, attractions and just fun.

Today  Pattaya is an international resort serving over 3.5 million tourists a year. According to statistics, the increase in the number of tourists is from 250 to 600 thousand per year. Pattaya is famous for its first-class hotels, modern supermarkets, cozy bars and restaurants, discos, entertainment and nightlife.
As for the latter, it is able to impress even seasoned tourists. The air is literally saturated with the atmosphere of general fun, emancipation and flirting. Golf and scuba diving are Pattaya's calling card. There are more than 150 golf courses in Thailand and dozens of them, the best of which are located in the vicinity of the city. And you can dive into the depths of the sea not far from the nearby islands. In addition to the vibrant nightlife and strings of sandy beaches, the city is also famous for its abundance of attractions. The excursion program is much richer than in other parts of the country.