Thailand. Description of the country, regions

In fabulous, exotic Thailand there is a magnificent island, which has the status of an independent province. This island is called Phuket, it is washed by the Andaman and Indian seas. From Bangkok to it about 900 kilometers. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Here are some of the largest and most beautiful sandy beaches.

The local population calls the island of Phuket - "Treasure Island". After all, it is here that the unsurpassed ancient architecture of Thailand is located, and the virgin jungle amaze with its beauty and purity. In the south of the island there is a fabulous place called Laem Phram Then, it is believed that it is at this point that you can see the most beautiful and unforgettable sunset. 

Patong is the most popular and tourist-friendly resort in Phuket, Thailand . There are a huge number of luxury hotels and well-equipped clean beaches. The total area of ​​beaches on this island is as much as four square kilometers. So many travelers are simply amazed by the azure color of the sea in Thailand on the island of Phuket . 

In Thailand in Phuket , in the town of Laguna, there are some of the best and most expensive Sheraton and Dusit hotels. Such a large cluster of hotels was formed thanks to the stunning landscapes around, and there is no strong wind from the sea typical of Phuket Island. 

Another popular place in Thailand in Phuket is a beach called Panwa. It is located in the east of the island, far from the very center of tourist areas: this place was created for those who want to be alone with wild pure nature, for everyone who is tired of the city bustle and eternal noise. Moreover, this cape in Phuket is famous for its fabulous views and landscapes, which are not found anywhere else on the island. 

In Thailand, many tourists spend their holidays in Phuket learning to scuba dive, as scuba diving is one of the most famous entertainments. After all, only here there are such coral reefs with extraordinary vegetation and wildlife!

In Thailand, in Phuket, all travelers have a very busy vacation: there are as many as 10 scuba diving schools. In them you will not only be able to take a course of study, but also go with a whole group of the same students on 2-3-day trips to small islands called Koh Phi Phi and Koh Doc Mai.

During these trips, under the guidance of professional trainers, you will dive to a depth of more than 30 meters. These are unforgettable trips, which is why in Thailand holidays in Phuket are so loved by tourists and travelers. In addition to all this, there are clubs where you can buy or rent all kinds of equipment for fishing and even for hunting under water for fish such as king mackerel, shark, barracuda at any time. 

On the island of Phuket, holidays are very fun and varied: on the beach areas you will find a huge amount of entertainment: canoes, yachts, windsurfing, water skiing, parachuting, swimming with equipment, beach volleyball. For those who prefer land sports, Thailand in Phuket has the following entertainment: golf, horseback riding, car racing, table and tennis, and the like. But the most important thing is that you can always lie down on the magnificent sandy beach and enjoy the setting sun in the evening. 

Another local attraction that cannot be ignored is the national cuisine, rich in the freshest seafood and delicious spices.