Uzbekistan. Description of the country, regions

Uzbekistan is an extraordinary original land with a rich cultural heritage. Surprisingly generous people with a pure soul live here, carefully preserving their centuries-old traditions and customs. Uzbekistan is one of the centers of the legendary Silk Road, a real treasury of architectural monuments, the center of the oldest cities.

Modern cities of Uzbekistan - Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Tashkent - today live in imagination as symbols of oriental beauty and mystery. Only here you can try real Uzbek pilaf, cooked according to a recipe that is more than a thousand years old.

Uzbekistan is a land of deserts, plains, rivers, lakes and mountains, which are unique natural complexes, many of which are still in a pristine state, not disturbed by man. The natural ecosystem is preserved in areas declared natural monuments. Extreme tours to Uzbekistan are very popular among tourists. For example, hiking on a specially prepared route with overcoming natural and artificial obstacles with mountaineering equipment or kayaking and rafting.

Excursion tours to Uzbekistan are a journey to an amazing country where true oriental charm is harmoniously combined with elements of modern reality. Tours to Uzbekistan will be able to bring you close to understanding Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Catholicism, Judaism, it is here that all these religions are intertwined and gave a round for the development of civilization. Holidays in Uzbekistan allows you to understand all the fabulousness of the East, the wonderful hospitality of the people and unique culture. If you have chosen a vacation in Uzbekistan, you will find tall minarets, grandiose madrasas and mosques, luxurious palaces and strict mausoleums, decorated with incredible beauty with ceramic ornaments, noisy and colorful bazaars, interesting legends.

Excursion tours to Uzbekistan will introduce you to the ups and downs of civilizations, wars of empires, migrations of peoples, the brilliance of scientific thought, the wonders of architecture. The best option to get acquainted with the country is combined tours to Uzbekistan, allowing you to see Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand, magnificent Shakhrisabz and Urgut - the city of masters, and then just go to nature and, sitting on the topchan, slowly absorb delicious shish kebab, drink tea and enjoy peace.

Official name: Republic of Uzbekistan.

Capital: Tashkent.

Language: Uzbek. Russian is spoken.

Geography: located in the southwestern part of Central Asia. The cities of Uzbekistan, around which the life of the people of this country is concentrated, are located in river valleys. Two-thirds of the territory of Uzbekistan consists of steppes and deserts.

Climate: sharply continental, hot and arid. The average temperature in winter ranges from -8 °C to +3 °C, in mountainous areas it can drop to -16 °C. In summer, the temperature in the northern regions of the country reaches +32 °C, and in the south - up to +42 °C. The best time to visit the country is spring (April to June) and autumn (September-October). The period from the last decade of June to the first decade of August in Uzbekistan is called "chill" (forty days). At this time, the air temperature in the shade rises above +40 °C during the day and does not fall below +30 °C at night.

Currency: Uzbek sum (UZS), 1 UZS = 100 tiinam. 1 USD ~ 1630,10 UZS. 1 EUR ~ 2229.42 UZS. You can exchange currency at branches of the National Bank, specialized exchange offices and some hotels. Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:30. Credit cards and traveler's checks will be used only in the capital and in major tourist centers.

Customs: import and export of foreign currency is not limited, but the declaration is mandatory. The import of drugs and potent medicines (prescription required), weapons and ammunition, photographs, printed and video materials directed against the state system of Uzbekistan or the norms of Islam is prohibited. All valuable products (preciousness, photo and video cameras, computers and so on) must be declared. To export precious metals and stones, furs, weapons and ammunition, artistic and historical values (any items made more than 100 years ago), you will need a special permission from the Ministry of Culture of the country. Persons over 16 years of age are allowed to import duty-free 1000 cigarettes or 1000 grams of tobacco products, 1.5 liters of alcoholic beverages and two liters of wine.

Transport: domestic flights are operated by Uzbek Airlines, connecting almost all major cities of the country with Tashkent. Railway communication in the country is limited to four directions: Tashkent - Bukhara, Tashkent - Urgench, Tashkent - Andijan and Tashkent - Termez. There are branded express trains to Samarkand (4 hours on the way). In all cases, the fare is low, and in the latter case it also includes a light dinner or breakfast. Long-distance bus service between major cities is also quite frequent. There are city buses and minibuses in all major cities. Taxis in the cities of Uzbekistan are relatively cheap, but taxi drivers often sin by deceiving tourists and overestimating tariffs. Private transportation is also developed. Both taxi drivers and private individuals should bargain in advance and agree on the price.

Shops, shopping: most stores are open from 9:00 to 19:00. It is customary to visit markets in the morning: the sooner the better. It is customary to bargain at bazaars and private stores - with a certain ability to bring down the price at times quite easily. In addition, bazaars are the best place to get acquainted with the original life of the country. Here you can buy almost everything: from luxurious carpets, silk, fruits and spices to clothes and shoes.

Cuisine, restaurants: the process of preparing its key dishes is a real ritual, each element of which is clearly regulated. In the north, preference is given to pilaf, fried meat, dough products and tortillas. In the south, many complex dishes from rice and vegetables are prepared, as well as excellent desserts are made. An important place on the local table is occupied by lamb, horse meat, soups with a lot of vegetables, vegetables in themselves, dairy products and bread. The main drink of the country is tea. It starts with it, and the meal ends with it. Dry vintage wines of local production please with a good aroma and are very inexpensive. The best products are the Samarkand Winery, as well as Marvarid and Omar Khayyam wines. Tipping usually accounts for 5-10% of the order amount.

Safety: it is recommended to always have a passport with you. Despite the fact that tap water is chlorinated, it should not be consumed even to brush teeth or create ice. Meat and fish should be consumed only after preheat treatment. Vegetables should be washed thoroughly and fruits should be peeled. It is recommended to bring sunscreen, light and spacious clothes made of thin natural fiber, hats and insect repellent products.