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Legends of the Portuguese Empire, 8 days
Sightseeing tour of Portugal, during which you will get acquainted with the main attractions of this beautiful country. The program is thought out in such a way that in a week you will see all the most interesting things and at the same time you will have free days for walking and doping in Lisbon. The tour program includes accommodation in the cities of Lisbon and Porto. Meals breakfasts and a rich excursion program.
The tour is available for booking with 17.06.2023
Additional services
  • Comfort Tour Option
  • Headphones
  • 6 gastronomic lunches
  • 4-5 row in the bus
  • 2-3 row in the bus
  • 1 row in the bus
DAY 1 31.03.23 (fri)
Arrival in Lisbon.
Meeting at Lisbon Airport. Transfer, accommodation at the Hotel.
Free day for walking and shopping.
Accommodation in a Lisbon hotel
DAY 2 01.04.23 (sat)

Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) Meeting with a group at the hotel accommodation, beginning of the tour.

Excursion: Lisbon sightseeing tour


The tour begins at the top of Edward VII Park, which offers an amazing panoramic view of the green labyrinths of the alleys descending to Marquis of Pombal Square and Freedom Avenue (Avenida de Liberdade). Continuing your acquaintance with Lisbon, you will try the famous Pastel de Belem cakes and visit the UNESCO monument - the Church of St. Mary at the Monastery of the Jeromes (Jeronimos). Under the high arched ceiling of the church, the great heroes of the Portuguese nation rest in their beautiful tombs: the navigator Vashco da Gama and the poet Luis Camoes, kings of the Avis dynasty Manuel I and João III. Undoubted symbols of Lisbon are the Belema Tower, built in the XVI century and the modern Monument to the Discoverers, dedicated to sea discoveries and expeditions that brought glory to Portugal as a great maritime power. The heart of Lisbon is the Baixa district. Its "gateway" is the Arc de Triomphe overlooking Palace Square (formerly: Commerce Square), in the center of which the statue of King John José I rises as a copper horseman. Behind the "gate" until late in the evening there is life in the shops, cafes and restaurants of Agusta Street, the Mouraria quarter, Figueira Square and Rossio. The famous elevator of Santa Jushta, built at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries according to the project of the French engineer Passard, lifts everyone in Bayro Alto - a bohemian area and the epicenter of the nightlife of the capital's artists, artists and poets. The end of the tour of Lisbon in Plaza Restauradiores, where an obelisk symbolizing the independence of the Portuguese nation is installed.

Accommodation in a Lisbon hotel

  • Headphones
  • 4-5 row in the bus
  • 2-3 row in the bus
  • 1 row in the bus
DAY 3 02.04.23 (sun)

Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) Meeting with a group at the hotel accommodation, beginning of the tour.

Excursion: Obidos - Alcobasa - Batalha - Fatima


Moving to the historical and cultural center of Obidoul. The monument city of UNESCO, surrounded by fortress walls, has been the possession of every queen of Portugal since time immemorial. Local shops in this town will delight you with an abundance of goods, ranging from the famous Ginginha cherry liqueur and ceramics to Portuguese filigree jewelry. Visit to the church of the monastery of Alcubas of the XIII century, a UNESCO masterpiece, where the ashes of a fatal couple of lovers - King Pedro I and the noble lady, the beauty Inessa de Castro - rest in the most beautiful carved Gothic tombs. Visit to the most beautiful cathedral in Portugal - the Dominican monastery of the XV century. Santa Maria da Victoria in Batalla. Visiting Fatima, a place of worship of the entire Christian world, where in 1917 the apparitions of the Mother of God predicted the coming martyrdom of Orthodoxy in persecution of faith, and called for prayer for the salvation of believers of the Russian Empire.

Accommodation in a Lisbon hotel

  • Headphones
  • 4-5 row in the bus
  • 2-3 row in the bus
  • 1 row in the bus
  • Lunch at the national restaurant (Batalha)
DAY 4 03.04.23 (mon)

Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) Meeting with a group at the hotel accommodation, beginning of the tour.

Excursion: Sintra - Cape Roca (2 castles) - Riviera - Cascais - Estoril


Moving to Sintra. Acquaintance with the city begins with the Sintra Park Complex, a UNESCO monument, which, in fact, combines the historical center of the city, numerous fortresses, palaces and castles. We have to do: an external inspection of the National Palace of Sintra, the oldest royal palace in Europe, built in the eastern spirit, where in ancient times the dream of a maritime empire was born and the intrigues of the Restoration era were intertwined. A unique opportunity will be presented during a visit to the Regaleira Manor to learn the secrets hidden in the labyrinths of the most beautiful, green philosophical park with sinister and mysterious dungeons, in which the symbolism of Freemasons and alchemists are combined with the history of Portugal and the heraldry of the family of the former owner of Moving to the top of the hill above the city of Sintra where a fantastic medieval-style palace rises - a former summer royal residence built on the site of an abandoned monastery. Today, the Pena Palace has become a national monument and cultural icon of Portugal, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven wonders of Portugal. The path continues to Cape Roca, the westernmost point of continental Europe. From its 150-meter cliff stretches the vast expanses of the Atlantic. At the end of the tour, acquaintance with the place of golf and surfing lovers, the resorts of the Lisbon Riviera: Guinsho, Cascais and Estoril.

Accommodation in a Lisbon hotel

  • Headphones
  • Lunch at the national restaurant (Sintra)
DAY 5 04.04.23 (tue)

Meals: Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) Meeting with a group at the hotel accommodation, beginning of the tour.

Check-out from the hotel and check-out with luggage

Excursion: Sightseeing tour of Porto


The main Baroque masterpieces of the north of Portugal: the tower and church of Clerigos, the Church of St. Francis, "dressed in golden robes", decorated with original creations of local gold carvers, among whom the "Tree of Jesse" is famous, the genealogy of Christ with the image of the twelve kings of Israel. The cathedral, a walk along the steep banks of Douro, the oldest district of Pena Ventos and the eternal movement Ribeire, where steel bridges designed by Eiffel and his student rise above the river, and numerous signs of port houses are reflected in the river. Tasting of Porto wines, which will amaze the imagination of sophisticated.

Hotel accommodation in Porto

  • Headphones
  • 4-5 row in the bus
  • 2-3 row in the bus
  • 1 row in the bus
  • Lunch at the national restaurant (Porto)
DAY 6 05.04.23 (wed)

Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) Meeting with a group at the hotel accommodation, beginning of the tour.

Excursion: Guimaraes - Braga - Bon Jesus


Visit the Bon Jesus Sanctuary with a majestic staircase, climbing which you are cleansed of all sins. A unique hydro funicular, built by Riggenheim in the XIX century and became the prototype of all Lisbon lifts, also leads to the mountain. Braga is the first episcopate of Portugal, an unusually beautiful city, richly decorated with granite Baroque sculpture, with numerous churches and fountains. Guimaraens is the first capital where the Portuguese nation is believed to have been born, as well as the first king of Afonso Enriques. Visit to the ancient castle and medieval Palace of the Dukes of Braganza with interesting interiors in medieval style, legendary huge trellis "Pastrana" and a collection of knightly weapons

Hotel accommodation in Porto

  • Headphones
  • 4-5 row in the bus
  • 2-3 row in the bus
  • 1 row in the bus
  • Lunch at the national restaurant (Guimaraes)
DAY 7 06.04.23 (thu)

Meals: Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) Meeting with a group at the hotel accommodation, beginning of the tour.

Check-out from the hotel and check-out with luggage

Excursion: Sightseeing tour of the city. Coimbra - Tomar


Visiting the University, which is located right in the royal palace of the former capital, on the site of an ancient Moorish fortress surrounded by the Almedina quarter. The Baroque Joanine Library, St. Michael the Archangel Chapel, and the ancient halls of the XVII century with portraits of all kings, where unusual, academic ceremonies are still held. Panorama of Mondego from the courtyard of the Renaissance Episcopal Palace. The most stately Romanesque cathedral in Portugal, Se Vella. Kebra Costas, the gates of Almedina and Ferreiro Borgia are an old city. Visit to the Fado Cultural Center, acquaintance with ancient Portuguese romance performed by participants, university ensemble. Church of St. The cross where the ashes of the first kings rest, Portugal. Moving to the city of Tomar. Visit to the mysterious Monastery of the Order, Christ, the masterpiece of Manuelino, and the Templar fortress of the XII century, which are World Heritage.

Accommodation in a Lisbon hotel

  • Headphones
  • 4-5 row in the bus
  • 2-3 row in the bus
  • 1 row in the bus
  • Lunch at the national restaurant (Tomar)
DAY 8 07.04.23 (fri)

Breakfast at the hotel (buffet) Meeting with a group at the hotel accommodation, beginning of the tour.

Free day for walking and shopping.


Transfer to the airport.


GROUP EXCURSION TOURS - FOR THE MOST CURIOUS Tours are designed for: customers who prefer to travel in a team on well-thought-out and proven routes that allow you to see the most interesting while saving money and time. The tour starts: On a clearly specified day of arrival, for at least 2 people.

Standard category of accommodation in these trips: hotels or pensions 2*-3*, 4*, depending on the season, with breakfast (buffet or continental), and all amenities in the room (toilet, bath or shower, TV and telephone, air conditioning in hot weather
year and heating in winter). As a rule, hotels are located in the city center. On difficult dates, tourists can be accommodated in other areas of the city or in the suburbs. There may be changes in the order of visiting cities and replacement of accommodation in one city with another, replacement of the hotel within the category provided for by the program.

Tours are GUARANTEED all year round. During national holidays and congresses, as well as during Christmas, New Year and Easter - price increases, the surcharge is reported when booking!
Rules for canceling sightseeing tours.

If you cancel the tour 7 days before the date of arrival, a penalty of 100% of the tour price
Rules for payment for sightseeing tours.
100% payment 8 days before the date of arrival.
Sightseeing tours: Monsanto + All Portugal, Santiago de Campostella + All Portugal, guaranteed when recruiting at least 10 people in a group.

The implementation period (online booking) of tours is 14 days before the start date of the tour.
When booking a tour less than 14 days before the start date of the tour, booking through your personal account online or by e-mail (Email) reservas@eltour-travel.com
If you do not recruit a group, 7 days before the start date of the tour, an alternative
sightseeing tour with the most similar tour program.

Sightseeing tours: Royal Portugal, Classic Portugal, Legends of the Empire, Portuguese holidays, Portuguese walk, Two capitals of Portugal, Acquaintance with Portugal, Royal Lisbon, Classic Lisbon, Lisbon for everyone.
The implementation period (online booking) of tours is 7 days before the start date of the tour
When booking a tour less than 7 days before the start date of the tour, booking on request through your personal account online or by e-mail (Email) reservas@eltour-travel.com

Transfers as part of sightseeing tours:

- provided in the group, both with and without a guide, depending on the flight. Customers of different flights will unite on transfer, both upon arrival and departure. It is possible to wait at the airport. Without waiting at the Airport, you need to book an individual transfer.

-If you are late for the plane and are flying on another flight, or your luggage is lost, we ask you to urgently contact our representative by phone, which is specified in the program and voucher. Only then can we guarantee a transfer. If we have not been contacted, and an hour and a half has passed since the arrival of the plane, the transfer is canceled, and the tourist will have to get to the hotel on his own.

-Transfers from/to the Lisbon Riviera are provided for aircraft that depart from Lisbon at 10 a.m. and later and arrive no later than 20:00. When leaving the hotel or arriving at the hotel in the cities of Cascais, Estoril, Carcavelas, the tourist pays for an individual transfer in full or can use an electric train, taxi. Check-in and check-out from hotels: after 2 p.m. and check-out - until 12 a.m. If you arrive early in the morning or leave late in the evening, you can pay extra (book) for one night at the hotel or leave your luggage at the reception, subject to availability.

- Transfers from 08:00 to 20:00 are included in the tour price. For transfers from 20:00 to 08:00, a surcharge of 10 euros per person one way.

Excursions as part of sightseeing tours: all excursions are carried out in a group clearly according to the time about which you will be informed by the guides. If the client wants to stay at any point of the tour longer than planned, he gets to the hotel on his own. If the client does not come on an excursion on time, the bus leaves without him, and the money for the excursion is not refunded. The gathering place for the excursion can be either from the hotel or at a convenient meeting point in the city center. Excursions can be completed both at the hotel and in the city center. There may be changes in the order of excursions and their start time. Excursions are provided in full according to the tour program.

Excursion schedule: from 08:30 to 18:30 El Tour is not responsible for flight data for transfers that do not correspond to the schedule of excursions in the program of the purchased tour.

The cost of sightseeing tours includes:

Meals according to the program Transfers, excursions and escort to museums with a Russian-speaking guide Accommodation in hotels: Lisbon and Porto of the selected category

The cost of sightseeing tours does not include:
Museum tickets and a cruise on the Doura River
List of monuments and museums to visit.
Lifting to the statue of Christ the King - 5 euros
Pena Palace - 14 euros
Regaleira Manor - 6 euros
Monastery of Christ - 6 euros
Batalya Monastery - 6 euros
Giuanigne Library in Quimbre - 10 euros
Boat trip on the Douro River - 15 euros
Port wine tasting in the Grehams cellars (3 glasses) - 12 euros
Tasting of musketrator and dry wine in the company "Juse Maria de Fonseca" - 4 euros Bonnice in Evor - 4 euros
Funicular in Braga - 1.20 euros
Peace de Aire Grotto - 6 euros
Audio guides are paid additionally - 10 euros per person per tour or 2.00 per person per day.
Audio guides are required for tours with excursions.
1. Sintra - Cape Roca - Riviera
2. Sintra (2 locks) - Cape Roca - Riviera
3. Tomar Coimbra
Tasting in wine companies along the route - about the price of 16 euros

Отличная организация экскурсий, профессиональные водители, прекрасные гиды. Выражаю благодарность гиду Тамилле и водителю Алексею. Вы лучшие!
Svitlana Lyapun
Понравилась пунктуальность и точность выполнения заявленной программы. Без опозданий. Наполненность информацией полезной и интересной. Никаких нареканий. Отдельное спасибо гиду Владимиру за энтузиазм и интересные рассказы про Португалию и ее историческое и культурное наследие.
Galina Pon
В поездку по Португалии ездили вдвоем с 06.11 по 15.11.19. Тур заказывали из Москвы и основным пожеланием было - побольше посмотреть. Нам менеджер Карина посоветовала тур "Легенды империи". Поездка получилась просто великолепная! Посмотрели и сам Лиссабон, и его окрестности, и еще много городов и городков этой удивительной страны. Программа была достаточно насыщенная, но наш гид Владимир сумел так организовать, что удалось посетить все намеченные исторические места и побродить по уютным улочкам. В ходе поездки было много интереснейшей информации о Португалии. Страна восхищает глубиной своей истории, самобытностью, гостеприимством и природой. Я здесь уже второй раз, а муж впервые. И если будет возможность, то постараемся приехать вновь. Спасибо принимающей стороне и гидам, особенно Владимиру. Буду всем рекомендовать поехать именно с этой фирмой. Галина
Светлана Макарова
Огромное спасибо гиду Тамилла. Четко и оперативно решены все проблемы туристов: от перепутанных чемоданов - до перепутанных отелей. Прекрасно и с любовью рассказано о Португалии - тур Томар Коимбра.Тамилла - настоящая жемчужина El tour. Спасибо!
Гид Александр. Экскурсия в Обидуш и обзорная. Ленив, не интересуется темой экскурсии, путается в словах, адресах. Не может четко распределить время группы. Очень жаль, что есть такие гиды. Информацию по туру брали из путеводителей. Потенциально тур очень интересный. Печально , что подкачал человеческий фактор.
Филипенко Павел
Большое спасибо за интересный тур. Получили удовольствие от полученных впечатлений. Гид Юлия Дидух и Мария Пискунова - настоящие знатоки своего дела, профессионалы высокого класса. Много и интересно рассказывали. Видно, что не только владеют информацией, но и умеют доступно донести ее до группы, и познавательно, и с чувством юмора. Общение с ними было легким и приятным. В следующий раз обязательно обращусь в любимую компанию ElTour за новыми впечатлениями и новыми путешествиями. Спасибо всем!