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It's worth seeing!

tour 8 days from 780 €
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Fantastic Madeira
An incredible Madeira Island excursion program awaits you. As part of our tour, we will show you all the fantastic places of the island. We will walk around Funchal and get acquainted with the history of the great sailors. We will swim on the best beaches of the island in Porto Moniz and Machico, we will walk a walking route along Levada, we will climb to the highest peak of the island. It seems that it is impossible to do this in a short period, but this is only a small part of our route. See the details of the excursion tour program in the description by day. We are waiting for your visit
tour 8 days from 3552 €
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Classical Portugal
An incredible program awaits you during the Classic Portugal Tour from EL Tour. All the most interesting things in Portugal, acquaintance with history, culture, traditions, Portuguese cuisine. 17 cities on tour, more than 20 attractions. Our clients trust us with their holidays in Portugal, leave feedback about our work!
tour 8 days from 3336 €
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Legends of the Portuguese Empire
Sightseeing tour of Portugal, during which you will get acquainted with the main attractions of this beautiful country. The program is thought out in such a way that in a week you will see all the most interesting things and at the same time you will have free days for walking and doping in Lisbon. The tour program includes accommodation in the cities of Lisbon and Porto. Meals breakfasts and a rich excursion program.
tour 4 days from 316.8 €
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Pearl of the Atlantic
A surprisingly easy and laid-back Madeira tour. During the excursions, we will get acquainted with such sights as: Santa Catarina Park, Monument to Henry the Navigator, Fountain dedicated to the discoverers, wine company, cathedral, central market, Cathedral of the Jesuit Order, municipal square, F. Ornelas street, Santa Catarina street, Fort Santiago ...
tour 8 days from 600 €
stars with 01.05.22 TO 31.10.22
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Madeira for all
Madeira tours for everyone are the perfect combination of holidays for those who want to have a great vacation, and at the same time save a lot. The excursion tour includes accommodation in hotels of the selected category, a sightseeing tour of Funchal, transfer from Madeira Airport to the hotel of residence and back.
tour 8 days from 6600 €
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Holidays in Madeira VIP Tour
Active holidays on the island of Madeira. A program for those who like to combine outdoor activities with excursions. As part of the tour - Holidays in Madeira, we will introduce you to the history of the island and Portugal. We will find out why the island of Madeira was the first place that the Portuguese discovered during the great geographical discoveries. We will pass the charming villages of the island, climb the highest mountain, swim on sandy beaches and in pools of volcanic solidified lava. We will go through some of the most famous hiking trails on the popular levada on the island. And, of course, we will play Golf, Tennis, sea tuna and marlin fishing. But that's not all, our program will be permeated with the gastronomic miracle of Madeira Island, where we will try all the famous Portuguese dishes. We wish you a good rest. We are looking forward to your visit.
tour 8 days from 1032.02 €
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Portuguese Walk
tour 8 days from 756 €
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Lisbon classic
tour 8 days from 3816 €
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Royal Portugal
Tour Royal Portugal is our pride! A truly royal tour of Portugal. Visiting more than 17 cities in Portugal, more attractions that will amaze even the most sophisticated travelers. Get a taste of Portugal with our wine gastronomic dinners. The excursion routes on the tour are thought out to the smallest detail, no race during the excursions. We visit everything that is planned without haste.
tour 8 days from 708.04 €
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lisboa for all
A Lisbon Tour for Everyone is an opportunity to get to know better the capital of Portugal - the city of Lisbon. See its sights with an experienced Russian-speaking guide and walk along the cozy streets on your own, as well as do some shopping.
tour 8 days from 827.99 €
stars with 30.03.20 TO 31.03.22
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Royal Lisbon
tour 8 days from 936 €
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Barcelona for all
Экскурсионный тур Барселона для всех, идеально подходит для первого знакомства с городом. Во время тура вы посетите самые значимые и интересные места и даже те, что скрыты обычно от глаз туристов. Вы узнаете, где можно отведать настоящую каталонскую кухню и поймете, как легко ориентироваться в городе. Услышите о личностях и событиях, которые повлияли на развитие города и его современный внешний вид.
tour 9 days from 5558.4 €
stars with 04.01.22 TO 20.12.22
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Brazil and Argentina
Rio de Janeiro is the pearl of Brazil! Dreams come true in this city - because everything here is so fabulous that you want to plunge into its incredible atmosphere! Endless white sand beaches and friendly faces! The city is a holiday! And the framing of this pearl is green hills, blue sky and bright sun. Iguazu Falls. All the power and greatness of nature is in front of you! Even in dreams, it is impossible to describe the delight that a person experiences at the sight of these waterfalls! But dreams do come true! Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in South America! Its historic center was created by English, Italian and French architects. For the sophistication of its architecture, it is called the Latin American Paris. But the city is unique in its beauty!
tour 9 days from 19440 €
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Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - Rio de Janeiro
Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in South America! Its historic center was created by English, Italian and French architects. For the sophistication of its architecture, it is called the Latin American Paris. But the city is unique in its beauty! The Foz de Iguacu Falls are 275 huge streams of water falling from a terrible height. Niagara looks like a stream in comparison with the Brazilian miracle! This is a magnificent, unique sight created by nature. Before you open up the most beautiful landscapes and waterfalls, falling from a height of 72 m into the gorge called the "Devil's Throat". Rio is green hills, blue skies, rocky mountains, bays, islands, beautiful beaches ... the second largest (after São Paulo) city in Brazil and certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We invite you to plunge into the unique atmosphere of this unusual city and experience this celebration of life!